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Features of the Applet

C_CHARTS is written entirely in Java 1.0.2. Therefore it will run on almost all Java enabled browsers(Nestscape 3, IE 3).

Considering its functionality it is very lean.The Applet consists of just ten classes and 34KB of code.

It easily integrates with other applications. The Applet uses simple free formatted line oriented data files. Applications which want to incorporate C_CHARTS as frontend, do not have to bother about C_CHARTS API. They need not even be Java applications. Any application can generate the data for C_CHARTS. You can even prepare the data with a text editor, as I did for the demo.

It is highly configurable. Webpage designers can configure the Applet to suite the page. Border style,background and forground colors, fonts of almost all subcomponents of the Applet can be configured. The actual chart area in which the activities/events are displayed can be decided by the designer by changing size of the Applet. Chart title can also be specified by the designer.

It is easy to pan across time. Scrollbar at the bottom of the chart enables the user to bring any time window in to view easily. Mini scrollbars by the side of date display enable to change time by days and month

Activity tracking Search buttons allow job tracking and bring any activity having search text in its description into chart area.

ZoomIn/ZoomOut When a datafile is initially displayed, the duration of the chartwindow corresponds to 12 hours. By clicking the ZoomOut button, the user increases the duration and by clicking the ZoomIn button, the user decreases the duration.(When the chart spans the entire time horizon of the activities in the file,the ZoomOut button becomes ineffectual. When the chart duration becomes one hour the ZoomIn button becomes ineffecive.

MessagePanel The MessagePanel at the bottom of the chart is used to display results of datafile reading, details of the activities. When the user clicks on an activity in the chart area, its information is shown in the MessagePanel. If the user clicks on empty area the corresponding time is shown. The point of click is indicated by a marker 'voodo' arrow.
Chart and its contents