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Time Line Charts (aka Gantt Charts) are convenient means of representing graphically schedules, appointments and events. Such charts help members of an organization to plan activities better. Information about WHAT is happening WHEN is happening WHERE is happening and WHO will be present is valuable to concerned people in the organization. However well planned, changes do take place. Changes to plans and new additions should be disseminated immediately. C_CHARTS TM uses Internet/Intranet technology to enable enterprise wide users within the same facility, city or spread across the world to access the latest information from their office, home or hotel any time.
C_CHARTSTM can be used to show

1. Program Schedules
2. Facilities/Resources availablilty
3. Production activities in a workshop
4. Project plans and their progress
5. Movement of planets (astrology/astronomy)
6. Travel Plans
7. AIR/Railway time tables
8. Practically anything to do with time