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Drill Down JavaBean Demo and Tutorial


Applets constructed with DrillDown JavaBean
DrillDown Chart 1
DrillDown Chart 2
DrillDown Chart 3

Charts defined by JavaScript
Bean interacting with JavaScript

Data Model of DrillDown Bean

API of DrillDown Bean

Ask for DrillDown Beta
A DrillDown Chart -Data in Applet parmeters
Your browser can not run Java Applets or is having problem displaying tables. Drill Down chart is a Java Applet. You will need a Java enabled browser. e.g Netscape 4 onwards or InternetExplorer 4 onwards
The data for the Chart is defined in the Applet parameters. The params are also used to indicate that all views are needed and that initially 'Bar' Chart view is needed, and set the thickness of pie to a non default value.
When you move mouse, in bar and line graph views notice red and green ovals. The green indicates there is layer below that item.
Press 'Up' arrow key to 'drill up' when you are in lower layers.
Use the 'view source' button of your browser to view Applet parameters