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Drill Down JavaBean Demo and Tutorial


Applets constructed with DrillDown JavaBean
DrillDown Chart 1
DrillDown Chart 2
DrillDown Chart 3

Charts defined by JavaScript
Bean interacting with JavaScript

Data Model of DrillDown Bean

API of DrillDown Bean

Ask for DrillDown Beta
A DrillDown Chart -Data from a file
Your browser can not run Java Applets or is having problem displaying tables. Drill Down chart is a Java Applet. You will need a Java enabled browser. e.g Netscape 4 onwards or InternetExplorer 4 onwards
The data for the Chart is read from a file on server. File name and other attributes are specified in <PARAM ...> tags.
Click right mouse button. A popup dialog allows you to change some visual parameters.
In bar and line graphs, when you click right mouse button on an item you can change verticae scale by 15%. An API will allow to set it to a different value.
Use the 'view source' button of your browser to view Applet parameters