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Drill Down JavaBean Demo and Tutorial


Applets constructed with DrillDown JavaBean
DrillDown Chart 1
DrillDown Chart 2
DrillDown Chart 3

Charts defined by JavaScript
Bean interacting with JavaScript

Data Model of DrillDown Bean

API of DrillDown Bean

Ask for DrillDown Beta

Copyright © 1998-1999
Vasanth Desai
The DrillDown JavaBean-Features

  • The design is based on MVC architechture pioneered by SmallTalk
  • Creating chart is a simple 4 step process
    1. Create an instance of Bean
    2. Add the bean to a container
    3. Tell the Bean about the Views you want
    4. Instantiate the Bean with data
    (If you use JavaScript the Bean has been created and added to the wrapper applet. Only 2 steps, 3 and 4 are required.)
  • Rich set of properties and methods enable you to customise to your specific needs.
  • Some visual properties can be modified by end user at runtime !
  • Being a JavaBean can be used in application builders supporting JavaBeans
  • Can be used in VB applications (and ActiveX containers) after packaging with JavaSoft packaging tool (It comes with JavaPlugin from Sun Java site)
  • Currently 4 views (Pie,Bar,Line,Table) and 2 types Single-layer and multilayer charts are supported