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Hypocycloid is a curve traced by a point on the circumference of a circle when it rolls over another circle.
Shape of the curve depends on the radii of two circles. By changing the values of radii a fascinating variety of hypocycloids are produced.
The (x,y) points of hypocyloid are given by the formulae
x = (R+r)cos(q*theta)+r*cos(theta)
y = (R+r)sin(q*theta)+r*sin(theta)
q = r/R. As theta varies (x,y) describe hypocycloid
All the hypocycloids on this page were produced by a Java Bean. A Java Bean is a software component which can be used as a component in a container. It could be used in any application with a builder tool. It can also be used as as an ordinary class in Java Application or Applet. A Java Bean can be used on different hardware and OS platforms supporting Java 1.1 compliant JVM, Appletviewers, Browsers.
The download archive contains the main Java Bean HC which draws the hypocycloid. The archive also contains other support beans and documentation. The Beans are developed using JDK1.1.4. You will get class errors with earlier versions of Java.
Hypocycloids - Java Beans Set
(c)1998 Vasanth Desai
Click here to download HC Java Beans(133KB)
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