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  Drill Down Chart 1.0 Drill Down Chart 3.0 Gantt Chart Hypo cycloids Chess Puzzle Calendar

  Here are some easy to use Java applets for effective visual presentation of data. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. When the pictures are interactive, they add another thousand ! There are two applets for 'Drill Down' presentation of data. In the simple version data comes from the webpage itself. In the advanced version data is from files, prepared from RDBMS tables--useful in the context of data mining and data warehousing.
Another fine applet is for presenting time dependent data- Time Line Chart also known as Gantt Chart
The other three applets are for fun. A Java Beans set for drawing lovely hypocycloids, a chess board puzzle, and a calendar applet.

All the applets have been top rated by JARS Java applet rating service

Drill Down Chart 1.0 This applet is for quick and easy presentation of hierarchicaly related data. When the amount of data is not large and does not vary much over the time, this applet is suitable. Data is supplied as <PARAM> tags.
Three views - Pie Chart, Bar Chart and Table view are available. All the views allow 'drill down' navigation when you click on an item.  Click here for demo and download
Drill Down Chart 3.0 This applet can read read data from files. User selects a data file. The applet comes with a utility for preparing data files from ascii text files exported from DBMS and RDBMS software.
Two more views - Line Graph and Tree view are available.  Click here for demo and download
Gantt Chart If you have to present time related data - this is the applet for you. You can display schedules, programs etc. It could be front-end for Scheduling and Project Management Software. It reads data from files. The user can pick up a file. In a typical case, sceanarios can be in different files from which the user can choose one. The chart is interactive. Tracking and searching activities is possible. The user can interactively change the scale - you can view a day's data, a month's data or an year's.
 Click here for demo and download
Hypo cycloids A set of Java Beans for drawing hypocycloids. By changing values of just two parameters you can generate infinite variety of curves. You can use the beans in your applications and applets.
 Click here for demo and download
Knight's Tour The Knight's Tour is one of the fascinating Chess Board puzzle. Starting from any square, the Knight has to visit all the 64 squares exactly once. The applet uses a heuristic to find solutions. The heuristic succeeds for all the starting squares except one. The download archive includes source code.
 Click here for demo and download
Calendar This is yet another calendar applet. It can keep track of your appointments too. It is highly configurable.
 Click here for demo and download

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